Wednesday, 17 August 2016


Learn - To use good sentences in my writing. A good sentence has a subject and a verb.
I am learning to use 3 type of sentences which is are simple sentences, compound sentences and also complex sentences.

If pets could speak it would be adorable and more helpful. If we told them what to do they would understand and would answer back, for example if we told them that they were going to have a shower then they could either refuse or accept it and say "no I wouldn't like to" or "yes I would like to".

I have a dog, he is a Golden Retriever and I named him Philip he acts so nice and adorable at times but when he sees and hears other dogs and cars go past, he barks and tries to run after them. I struggle to hold him with his lead collar, but this seems to make him choke.

I wish dogs could talk, it would be really really really supportive for me, because he would be able to help me do chores around the house.

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  1. Hi Fanoali’i,

    That was really good narrative writing, I really enjoyed your vocabulary you used. Maybe next time you could make the paragraphs a big longer.
    Keep up the good work lad.

  2. Hey Fano, this is a good piece of wiring, but it needs more detail, and this needs to be a conversation with you pet dog.

  3. Good job Fano!. Nice writing keep it up. Next time make the paragraphs a bit longer.

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  5. Hi
    I like what you writing about and that was cool,keep it up.
    Maybe next time you could make your paragraph a bit longer.