Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Narrative Writing The Trolls

Monday 25 July 2016

One day there lived two trolls, one was a girl troll, full of joy and happiness. The other troll  was a  boy who was angry and did not like to do much things. All he liked to do, was to walk around looking disappointed like an angry bird, but instead was named an angry troll.

As night came by they grabbed their blankets and cuddled up by the fire. While the boy troll was lying down, the girl troll sang a song about the stars to calm her down. But the boy troll said something to stop her from singing, “her seriously more singing” the boy troll said to her, then the girl troll replied “yes more singing”.

The boy troll liked peace and quiet at night, but since the girl troll was with him, he could not have a peaceful sleep. But as the boy troll turned around to sleep, the girl troll grabbed a guitar out of nowhere and played it. Singing and as she did, it felt magical to her because monsters shone and came out of nowhere singing with her. Then suddenly the boy troll asked if he could use the girl trolls guitar, and as she gave it to him the boy troll threw it into the fire. Then the girl troll said to him “why did you do that for! That was my only guitar!” But the boy troll did not answer he just walked on back to his bed and slept, leaving the girl troll standing there regretting that she gave her guitar to boy troll. THE END.

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  1. Great writing son, I would be very happy to see more writing moving forward please son.
    frm Mum..