Saturday, 8 July 2017

Red-Crowned Kakariki:


  1. Hi Fanoali'i, What a beautiful bird you chose to research!! Have you ever seen one? I wonder if they sound like other parrots - can they 'talk'?

    Your country has such an abundance of beautiful birds! It must have been hard to know which animal to study.

    It's summer in my country, Canada, so we're enjoying watching the new baby birds start to fly from their nests and become independent. There are many ducklings and goslings on our lakes and rivers, all hoping to grow big enough to be able to fly south in just 2 months time as the fall begins.

    I enjoyed our slide show very much! I hope you'll continue to complete more activities!


  2. Talofa Fanoali'i,

    Thank you so much for presenting your work through google slides about the Kakariki bird. So creative! I agree with Leslie, you have selected such a beautiful bird to research. Have you ever seen one? Did you find any interesting facts about them? I have always wanted to see one. I really hope you had fun learning about Kakariki birds. They are so unique.

    Keep up the good work Fanoali'i!

    Best wishes,