Tuesday, 6 December 2016


Tuesday 29 Nov 2016
Reflection of 2016:

In the history of Saint Pius X Catholic School 2016 all Terms were hard work and fun, In Term 1 testing, term 2 yr 8’s retreat , Term 3 Rainbow's End and Term 4 Camp. The most fun for me is Term 4 because at Camp we got to do activities free time we can walk anywhere anytime in the night and day but we never got payed.

But there was a problem when we went there,  1 of the girls accidentally fell off a cliff the cliff was not steep but the streaming water looked deep the girl fell in the water and was knocked out cold on a big wood branch all of the teachers and Parents told us to step back and then they tried to get her out but they couldn't so all the boys were brainy and made a wire like when we all hold each other's hands then hold on tight I was the one in front I grabbed her and I told the boys to all pull and we did Pio and Pate was pulling as hard as they can and it worked, we all gathered around and Mr Coakley ran towards us to push the girls heart and all the Water came out of her mouth and then when she was feeling alright all the boys got in trouble but we got treated with good food so whenever we eat dinner launch breakfast we eat something different/better and it was nice to eat.

As the days passed we started to get tired and homesick the day we left in the bus we were tired and started to sleep some of us, then when we got to school most of us left early and some stayed and waited until school was finished like me it was a cool experience I hope we get to do it again next year.

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