Friday, 6 May 2016

Holiday Writing

Monday 2 May 2016
Holiday Writing

Goal: My goal is to focus on developing my Ideas

In the holiday I went to my cousins house for 1 whole week, we played Bo3 on his Playstation 4, my cousin is a Pro at Bo3 he can trickshot quickscope hardscope and can do a 360 no scope. Bo3 stands for Black Ops 3 it is a shooting game where you can play online with other players or offline, but me and my cousin were playing offline we were versing in this map called Nuketown we were playing gun game it was fun because I actually got to beat him once but when we reversed he won because I was making him angry, anyways gun game is whenever you kill someone you get a new gun, for example every time I kill my cousin I get a new gun, everytime he kills me he gets a new gun as well so that's gun game but the reason why we did not play online was because I sucked versing other people online because as soon as I spawn I get spawn trapped but for the rest of that week me and my cousin just ate, played video games and cleaned the house.

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  1. Hi Fano,
    I really like the way how you explained your wonderful holidays to us. Just remember to use punctuation...
    Keep Up the Good work! :)