Friday, 20 September 2013


Last week Room 5 went to swimming. When we got there our teacher Mr Gaffney told the boys to go into the tent and to wait for the girls to get out of the pool.

Then the boys went in. Before we went in we had to hang our towels on the gate.

After that the boys that went first were Alex then me. When we all got in Gillian the one that looks after the swimming pool told us to put our bums against the wall of the pool. After that we said "ok."

"All right. Let's get going instead of talking!"
The boys said "yes Gillian."
"Right let's get started."

First of all we had to swim from wall to wall, two at a time from edge to end. That was kind of hard for me.

Next we tried floating on our backs. Then one of the boys spoiled the game.His name is Motu. So we all had to get out of the pool.

By Fanoali'i

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